Awards and Prize Table

Thanks to the generosity of our title sponsor, stage sponsors, and prize table donors.

Prizes packages will be awarded by random draw .

Recognized Awards  will be as follows:
  • Steel Master, Rifle Master, Rimfire Master- Winner of each aggregate title (Plaque)
  • Division Awards- minimum 10 entries in the division needed for recognition. 1st place plaque, 2nd/3rd place certificates, medal for Canadian Champion in each division.
  • Class awards- First place in each class . Minimum 10  shooters in the class  required, all in the same division. IE: 10 B class open division shooters. Medal for 1st place, certificates for 2nd/3rd.
  • Category Awards- First place in each category within a recognized division. Minimum 10 entries in the division and 5 in the category. IE: 12 shooters in rfpo, 6 are juniors, one award to the top juniour rfpo shooter. Medal for first place, certificates for 2nd/3rd. 

Prizes for non-Canadian competitors may be subject to some restrictions due to international firearms regulations, import/export laws, etc. We will work with competitors on an individual basis should such a situation arise.


Divisions and Categories currently eligible for awards recognition (Updated May 28, 2022):

Rimfire Pistol Open

      • RFPO Super Senior

Rimfire Rifle Irons

Rimfire Rifle Open

      • RFRO Senior

Divisions and Categories getting close to recognition status:

Carry optics- 9/10 required shooters

      • CO Super Senior- 4/5 required shooters.

Open- 9/10 required shooters

Pistol Calibre Carbine Optic- 9/10 required shooters

Rimfire Pistol Irons- 9/10 required shooters

Production- 8/10 required shooters

RFPO Senior- 4/5 required shooter

RFPO Juniour- 3/5 required shooters

RFRO Super Senior- 4/5 required shooters