Awards and Prize Table

Thanks to the generosity of our title sponsor, stage sponsors, and prize table donors.

Prizes packages will be awarded by random draw 1 50% off vortex gift certificate will be reserved for a special youth only draw.

Recognized Awards  will be as follows:
  • Divisions will be recognized if there are 8 or more participants. 8-10 participants, 1st place will be awarded a plaque. 11-15 participants will add a certificate for 2nd place. 15+ participants will add a certificate for 3rd place.

  • Classes (U, D-A, M, GM) are given out when there are at least 5 entries in that class, all in the same division. Ex: 12 C class shooters in production. 5-9 participants, 1st place certificate. 10+, medal for 1st and 2nd/3rd place certificates.

  • Categories will be recognized with a first-place medal. 2+ competitors minimum for lady/Jr. 5+ for all others, all in the same division.

  • The title of 2022 Canadian Champion may be used by the highest placing Canadian competitor, in any division where a plaque is awarded. This may be the first-place finisher in the division, or a lower place if first is won by a non-Canadian. 

Prizes for non-Canadian competitors may be subject to some restrictions due to international firearms regulations, import/export laws, etc. We will work with competitors on an individual basis should such a situation arise.